In the last 14 years, GeminiX has been exploited by our clients in several ERTMS/ETCS projects:

SIL4 Railway Object Controller (HW + GeminiX-OS)
SIL4 2oo2 Light-Railway Interlocking (HW + GeminiX-based GP + GA + Data Preparation Tool + Test Environment)
SIL4 Light-Railway Object Controller (HW + GeminiX-OS + GA with HMI)
SIL4 Level Crossing Central Control Unit (HW + GeminiX-OS)
SIL4 track-side Control Unit for ERTMS Level 1 + Radio Infill Unit (HW + GeminiX-OS + GA)
2oo2x2 SIL4 high-performance I/O remotisation Control Unit (HW + GeminiX-OS + GA + PVS library)
SIL2/SIL3 Subway fire management system in Subways (with SIL2 HMI)
SIL4 Radio Block Center GP (GeminiX-based GP)
SIL4 On-Board Computing System GP (OBCS)
Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) (HW + SW + Data Preparation Tool + Test Environment + Simulation, ongoing)
ERTMS Level2 SIL4 Regional implementation (HW + SW + Data Preparation Tool + Test Environment + Simulation)
SIL4 PLC for Railway (HW + SW, ongoing)